Letter of Support for Doulas

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Letter of Support for Doulas

by Dena Marchiony, ICCE, BADT-CE, IAT-CE, IAT-BD, ICBD, LCCE, CD

In the summer of 2021 the Board of Directors came together for our yearly Strategic Planning meeting. At this time we charted the course and direction of the organization for the upcoming year.

One of the Goals we felt we could accomplish promptly was a Letter of Support for Doulas… “Promote the ICEA Certified Professional as an integral component of the allied healthcare team.”

Our Team gathered weekly for months to craft this letter and to ask each of the entities we selected (Hospitals, Legislature, Insurance Companies, Educational Institutions)  to understand the importance of the Birth Doula and how that individual positively impacts birth.

This information can all be found on our new page. The Letter, and our Introduction to Doulas Letter, is also downloadable for you to use in your own communities, to spread the word about Doulas, what we do, how our training is different and essential to the well being and safety of all parents.

Thank you for bringing this letter to life in your communities.

Strategic Goal 6 Committee:

  • Dena Marchiony
  • Elizabeth Kirts
  • Megan Newhouse-Bailey
  • Miriam McKinny
  • Mellissa Lennox-Maldonado
  • Bonita Broughton


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