Board & Staff

Governing Board

Executive Board

Debbie Young

Stephanie Sosnowski

Amanda Afdahl

Patricia Fish


Miriam McKinney, MS, ICCE

Amy Nevland

Jessie Prim

Melissa Lennox

Seema Doshi

Zaahida Natasha

Connie Bach-Jeckell

Chevonne Davis

Emily Mason

Madeline LeBlanc

Stacey Marshall

Jacqueline Abbott


Meet our ICEA International Home Office Staff! ICEA employs a North Carolina-based management company, IMI, to keep the day-to-day operations of our organization running smoothly. We are supported by a full staff at IMI; however, we want to connect you to our main staff support contacts!

Linda Owens

Jenna Owens

Zoe Sinton-Covens

Kelly Thomas

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