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ICEA offers three professional, perinatal health certifications.

We look forward to partnering with you on your certification journey and improving birth outcomes together.

You have up to two years to complete your certification. To complete the requirements usually takes at least six months.

For answers to all your certification questions, please visit our FAQ page.

ICEA Childbirth Educator Certification (ICCE)

ICEA Professional Childbirth Educators are trained professionals who affirm the importance of the birth experience through comprehensive education and equipping of the family unit. This means that the ICEA instructor has the necessary education and skills to enable them to facilitate expectant parents’ mental and physical preparation for pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood. The program promotes the concept of the childbirth educator as an advocate of the natural process of childbirth and the right of the expectant parent to make informed decisions based on knowledge of alternatives.


ICEA Birth Doula Certification (ICBD)

ICEA Certified Birth Doulas are trained professionals who recognize birth as a key life experience. They attend and support the physical, emotional, informational, and social needs of women in labor. In addition, they offer guidance and referrals to community resources regarding maternal self-care, lactation, and other issues pertinent to healthy parenting through the first six weeks postpartum.


ICEA Postpartum Doula Certification (ICPD)

ICEA Certified Postpartum Doulas are trained professionals who understand the individualized needs of today’s families. They provide families with culturally appropriate emotional and informational support to assist with the transitions of the postpartum period and having a new baby.  ICEA Certified Postpartum Doulas also respect the parenting style of the family, provide opportunities for the mother to ask questions or express concerns, and provide encouragement. They also demonstrate newborn care, assist with breastfeeding, provide care to older children,
and more.


ICEA Approved Trainer (IAT)

For ICEA certified professionals who have been consistently practicing in their field of expertise for at least 3 years and would like to expand their services to include training educators or doulas.

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