Being involved and active allows you to have a voice and help the ICEA organization grow and thrive. Please consider volunteering with us. See opportunities below.

Serve on a Committee

Join one of our committees to help advance our work and expand access to respectful, family-centered perinatal care.

Join the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors each serve a two-year term and half the positions rotate out each year. Keep an eye out for when the nominations window opens. You apply by nominating yourself and filling out an application.

The Nominating Committee then reviews the applicants, conducts interviews and makes a recommendation to the current board to add new, qualified members. Each person selected then serves two years, starting on January 1.

Write a Blog

The ICEA blog is a community space that is filled with both personal stories and rigorous academic information. Whether you have a fun tale to tell or some new, evidence-based research to share, please share your writing with us.

The ICEA blog calendar is managed by the ICEA board secretary. Email info@icea.org to get information about getting on the blog schedule and to submit your ideas.

Donate your time

You should get paid for your work! But sometimes it also just feels good to give back. Here are some ideas on how you could donate your time and expertise to ICEA:

  1. Record a webinar pro bono for use in ICEA’s webinar library
  2. Speak at an ICEA conference and waive your fees
  3. Mentor a certifying professional

Apply using the form below.

Become an ICEA Volunteer

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