Black doula helping black mother during childbirth labor

ICEA has been a leader in certification for more than 60 years

We believe in freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives

We promote our professionals as a valuable part of the healthcare team for new families

We offer support and mentorship throughout the certification journey

As of January 2022, ICEA Certified Birth Doulas are recognized as a Tricare-authorized provider

How We Ensure Excellence

Our high professional standards of training are recognized in the United States and internationally by hospitals and insurance companies

Recertification every 3 years ensures our doulas and educators are using current and evidence-based information
Written exam required to qualify for certification
Commitment to Cultural Awareness, Respectful, Compassionate and Collaborative Care for all our certified professionals

Our Worldwide Impact

Certified since 1960
Years improving birth
Countries represented

Help us ensure that every person has access to respectful, family-centered perinatal care.

We're creating a culture where expectant families are safe, respected, and able to make informed decisions. Join us!

Interracial Family Holding Baby Feet In Hands.
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