Approved Trainer (IAT)

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The ICEA Approved Trainer (IAT) is an independent contractor who represents ICEA by training those who are becoming certified. The IATs teach the live certifying workshops required for certification.

IATs are specially selected and have been involved with ICEA for some time and they truly understand ICEA’s mission. If you are interested or have been invited to apply, please see the link to the application to get started.

Steps to Approval

Submit Application to the ICEA Office

What to include

  • Resume/CV
  • Enrollment application online or by mail
  • Application fee of $100 per program area
  • ICEA Approved Trainer (IAT) commitment agreement
Submit curriculum for review
Interview with ICEA Board Representative

After approval of qualifications and curriculum

Sign contract and pay

Once approved, sign contract and pay.

Have questions?

Speak to our IAT Specialist who can assist with your path.

group of ICEA approved trainer
ICEA approved trainer

Start your path towards becoming an ICEA Approved Trainer today.

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