Cultural Awareness

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We all share the responsibility for cultural awareness. Cultural awarenss go beyond numbers and access. They are reflected in the core values held by our organization and our board.

We embrace all childbearing families, foster a culture of inclusion, and engage all individuals. We are available for education and support for all people. We especially seek to advance services to places where mothers and families suffer the greatest risk of adverse birth outcomes. We have resources to guide, train, and support our ICEA certified professionals in fostering this value and increasing the diversity of our educators. We are committed to encouraging diverse expertise and cultural knowledge. We recognize that our ICEA certified professionals are in the unique position to bridge the gap between public and private sectors that serve pregnant and postpartum families in communities around the world.

Compassionate birth professionals are aware of and accept a variety of family configurations. ICEA upholds the value of all families in this diverse world. We acknowledge heterosexual and single parent families, blended families, lesbian, gay, transgender, and gender-queer families. Although ICEA strives to use gender inclusive language as much as possible, the words “woman” or “mother” will continue to be included and honored.

Help us ensure that every person has access to respectful, family-centered perinatal care.

We're creating a culture where expectant families are safe, respected, and able to make informed decisions. Join us!

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