Your Credential Has Been Updated

Your Credential Has Been Updated

To better serve you, and to set an industry standard that will demonstrate the hard work you have accomplished in becoming certified with ICEA, we have updated your credentials! We are setting an industry standard so clients, employers, and colleagues are able to easily recognize your dedication to family-centered maternity care.


Common credentials used for Childbirth Educator in the past include: CBE, CCE, CCBE, and PCBE. Moving forward, the official credential for a Childbirth Educator certified with ICEA is ICCE (ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator).


In the past, credentials that have been used to note a person is certified with ICEA as a Birth Doula include CD and ICD. Now, the industry standard is ICBD (ICEA Certified Birth Doula).


Previously, ICEA certified Postpartum Doulas have used credentials such as CPD and CPPD. Officially, the credential for Postpartum Doulas is now ICPD (ICEA Certified Postpartum Doula).

How to List New Credentials

Please use ICCE, ICBD, and/or ICPD on all resumes, CVs, websites, email signatures, or anywhere you want to showcase your commitment to ICEA, our mission, and your efforts to create a nurtured world through professionals trained in family-centered maternity and newborn care. If you’re uncomfortable with the change, then you can continue to use an old credential. However, please note the credentials listed above are the new official industry standard, and this what ICEA will use moving forward. We encourage you to send an email to or call +1.919.674.4183 if you have any questions about this change. 

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