Journal Highlight | Yoga ESpecially for Mums by Midwives [YeS Yoga]: An Exploratory Study

by Stacey Enchelmaier, RN RM MMid Dip Active Birth Yoga, Kendall George, PhD MMid GDip Mid BNSc, Lauren Kearney, RN RM PhD, and Beth Hartley, RN RM MMid

Abstract: Yoga is union between the breath, body, mind and higher consciousness. Yoga is believed to support women to be mobile and in control of their positioning during labour and birth. Yoga may be seen as a strategy to equip women to physically manage the demands of labour and birth. Yoga may also be an effective strategy for pain management during pregnancy and labour. Providing women with increased choice and alternatives to mainstream services may improve their satisfaction with the service and reduce anxiety and birth trauma. Please view our journal to read the full article, and other articles in this quarter’s International Journal of Childbirth Education. You must be logged in to your account to view the Journal.

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