Why is Counting Fetal Movement Important?

by Megan Aucutt, Healthy Birth Day, Inc.

Thank you to Count the Kicks for their contribution to our blog by sharing this article. Why is counting fetal movement important? Because it can save a baby. Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by an old acquaintance of mine. She wanted to reach out because she saved her baby after seeing one of my Facebook posts about Count the Kicks! How amazing is that? She noticed reduced movement, but she kept brushing it off because she did not want to go in to the doctor due to COVID-19. However, she told me that she happened to remember a recent post I had shared about the importance of always speaking up if she noticed reduced movement and called her doctor. Of course, her doctor wanted her to come in. Once there, they realized even though she still had about 4 weeks to go, it was time for baby to join her on the outside. She delivered a baby boy. The cord was wrapped around his neck three times and he needed six days in the NICU. I am Megan Aucutt, and I’m the Associate Director of Programs with Healthy Birth Day, Inc., the non-profit that created Count the Kicks, the stillbirth prevention educational campaign. I truly love what I do, and I love sharing my love and passion for the organization with others. Right now, as we try to navigate this highly unusual time, we want to help moms continue to learn about the importance of tracking fetal movement and to say something if they notice a change. We have been working hard to create educational tools and resources to help health professionals such as yourselves and moms adapt to this “new normal.” This “new normal” that includes more virtual appointments, this “new normal” that includes online childbirth education classes, this “new normal” where only one person may be in a delivery room. As childbirth educators, we know that your “new normal” is reaching an expectant mom one at a time or having a class of 12 on a Zoom call. Whatever your “new normal” is, please know we are here to help. We have essential information to help get babies here safely. We’ve created a page on our website specific to COVID19 and pregnancy. You can view our information and videos here. Now is a great time to share and educate about all the features of the free Count the Kicks app, including the ability to download and share data via text or email directly with your healthcare provider. Users also get daily reminders, so they never forget to count kicks. Here are more ways you can help your expectant parents during this time:

    • Order Count the Kicks materials by going to our website, CountTheKicks.org:
      • Make sure you always have print material to send your parents or to show on webinars.
      • Make sure your local health clinics are stocked with this evidence-based information.
    • Visit CountTheKicks.org for more information on how you can share and educate moms on Count the Kicks.
      • We have a lot of great videos and even a childbirth education plan on our website.
      • You can even read about the baby save talked about earlier on our website.
    • Like Count the Kicks on social media and be sure to re-post, retweet, and more to continue sharing our message moms-to-be.
      • Connect with us! We love hearing from you.
      • Share your successes, share your questions or concerns. We are all in this together!

Thank you for continuing to be on the front lines during this health crisis. It’s because of people like you that continue to educate and protect expectant moms that we are able to save babies. Stay safe and healthy.

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