What’s Next | A Note From The President

Hello everyone!  I’m excited to be the new ICEA President.  It has been a year of learning under the great leadership of Liz Kirts.  We are so thankful for all she has done for ICEA and I’m sure we will continue to work with her in the future.

Isn’t it great to slow down a little after the holiday rush settles down?  We can take time to breathe and contemplate “what’s next.”  Maybe you are also thinking about how you can best use your talents to enhance the families in your area.

My holidays started off great with the birth of a new granddaughter.  I was at the birth and marveled at what a good job my daughter and her husband did in navigating a tricky road.  I got to stay after they came home to help the family get settled.  For over two weeks, it reminded me daily of the reason I am a postpartum doula and postpartum doula trainer.  Every family deserves support when they are coming into this new life journey.  It is good to be back in Colorado now, but I miss seeing that new little family on a daily basis.

Recently, I sent out an email to the board to get to know them better.  Your board is full of wonderful and committed people who are here to ensure ICEA continues down the path to serve more families and make sure ICEA is a household word. I wonder what it is that drew you to ICEA, too!  If you are interested in sharing your journey with ICEA, please send me a note at info@icea.org.

If you got to attend the membership meeting, you might remember the 2024 3-year strategic map that was shown.  We are looking for volunteers to help complete the goals in the next couple of years. We are looking at three broad areas: 1. Strengthening ICEA’s Foundation & Operations (Enhancing Organizational Structure and Efficiency); 2. Empowering ICEA Certified Professionals (Supporting ICEA Certified Professionals); 3. Advancing the Childbirth Education Field (Promoting the Value of Childbirth Education).  If any of these points look interesting to you, please let us know if you would like to volunteer to help meet our goals.

I pledge to serve you and ICEA to the best of my ability over the next two years.  I’m so glad there is a great team to work with!

Hoping you are safe and warm as we are facing a cold snap in much of the US.


Debbie Young

ICEA President

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