Transformation of Motherhood: An Interview with Connie Bach Jeckell

ICEA wants to highlight all of the amazing professionals in the community. For the month of April, ICEA is proud to feature Connie. Connie Bach Jeckell is a certified professional from Walland, Tennessee. She oversees the ICEA IAT program and her certifications are RN, IAT-CE, IAT-BD, ICCE, ICBD

What Inspired You To Work in Childbirth?

The transformation of motherhood…and perinatal fitness.

What is One Item You Couldn’t Live Without?

This is really hard to narrow down to one item. Technology vs. chocolate. I don’t know! 🙂

How Did You Become Involved with ICEA?

I needed to become a certified childbirth educator to teach in a hospital in 1984. There weren’t many choices back then…primarily ICEA, Lamaze (ASPO) and Bradley. I loved ICEA’s mission and philosophy, so it was an obvious choice for me.

What Inspired You To Become an IAT?

I was teaching for ICEA as faculty before IAT’s were established. I also obtained ICEA contact hours for my own (BirthMatters, International) CBE and doula trainings. When ICEA implemented the IAT program, it was a natural “next step” for me… I was a member of the original group of IAT’s.

What Advice Would You Give Aspiring Professionals?

Learn your material, then teach it – using adult teaching strategies. Use humor, give up some control, facilitate an environment where students participate in class…and remember to use what they’ve learned.

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