Live Webinar | The Infant Microbiome

1 October 2021 | 12:00 PM ET

Register now to join us for a live webinar with Toni Harman on 1 October! You’ll learn about Toni’s journey from new parent to becoming a cheerleader for the infant microbiome. To properly prepare herself for a homebirth, Toni took two different childbirth education classes. When the time came, Toni had an emergency C-section and struggled to breastfeed. After the birth, Toni felt a sense of guilt and was convinced something had been “missing” from her birth preparation. As filmmakers, Toni and her partner, Alex Wakeford, went looking for answers. Their 10 year quest took them to universities where they interviewed some of the world’s top scientists. Toni now believes she has found the “missing piece” of childbirth education: the infant microbiome. This is the science all parents need to know, taught to them by informed and enlightened childbirth educators. We look forward to seeing you at this live webinar. Toni Harman is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author and digital course creator. Her documentary MICROBIRTH has been broadcast around the world and her books have been translated into multiple languages. To help childbirth educators better understand the infant microbiome, Toni has created an online school called MICROBIOME COURSES, now with over 34,000 health professionals enrolled as students. Toni has also created MICROBIOME BABY, a new ready-to-use toolkit of evidence-based resources that childbirth educators can use to explain the infant microbiome to parents. Registration Price: Free for ICEA Certified Professionals and those enrolled in an ICEA Certification Program.

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