Support Each Other to Succeed: An Interview with Debbie Young

Debbie Young is the current President-Elect for the 2022-2023 ICEA board. Hailing from Colorado, she is certified as an ICCE, ICBD, ICPD, MSL, CLC, and a LCCE. Learn about her journey in getting multiple certifications!


What Inspired You to Join The Birthing/Education Community?

After my first birth, I knew that things could have gone differently so with my next pregnancy I decided to become an educator. About 3 years later I attended my first birth (the word doula wasn’t

in the US vocabulary yet) and I knew that this is also what I should be doing. So, I am here with as much passion as I felt 35 years ago!

What Inspired You to Pursue Multiple Certifications?

I feel like being able to offer multiple services makes me more marketable and helps my families have continuity of care. I don’t always get to follow every family through the whole process, but I could if they desire.

What Is a Career Goal of Yours?

I am living the life! Birth related day job creating educational material, teaching childbirth classes in the evenings, attending births and postpartum with families and mentoring others who are following a similar path. I hope to be a postpartum doula trainer soon.

What is Something About You People Wouldn’t Guess?

I’ve lived in 6 states and 19 homes so far in my life!

Why Did You Choose to Join ICEA?

I love the can-do aspects of ICEA. They are welcoming and help you accomplish what you dream. The support along the way is great. Their reputation in the birthing community is very good!

What Advice Would You Give Someone Just Starting Out?

Talk with others in the field you want to certify in. Get the real scoop and listen for their passion for the families. Does this fit with the way you look at what you want to do? Be ready to be a lifelong learner because things in our field and the medical arena change frequently. Find a local group of like-minded individuals who support each other to succeed (instead of being competitive). Find a good mentor.

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