Stop AAPI Hate

ICEA is saddened by the growing violence against the Asian Community. Our hearts stand in solidarity with our Asian certified professionals, IATs, the families they serve, and anyone experiencing racial oppression and violence. As a result of Covid-19, Anti-Asian hate has been on the rise. Some numbers estimate that in the United States alone crimes against Asians have increased by 1900%. Over 3000 reports of anit-Asian incidents have been reported in 47 states and the district of Columbia. Many of these incidents and crimes have been against elderly and vulnerable people. Many crimes have gone underreported or are not classified as such. This type of hate and violence are unacceptable and abhorrent. ICEA stands in solidarity with the Asian Community. The recent shootings in which Asian Spas were targeted resulted in the death of 8 people. Our hearts go out to the deceased, their families, friends, and those impacted but these violent acts. This also serves as a reminder the racism and bias are still rampant and although don’t always manifest in violent acts they still do harm. As a reminder, ICEA stands behind our statement on Inclusivity and Diversity   We will continue to support communities who are targeted by both implicit bias and outward acts of hate and violence.


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