Save Babies with Us: A Healthcare Professional’s Guide on Talking to Expectant Parents about Count the Kicks and Fetal Monitoring

by Megan Aucutt, Healthy Birth Day, Inc.

Thank you to Count the Kicks for their contribution to our blog by sharing this article. According to the CDC, more than 24,000 babies are born still in the United States annually. Statistically, that means 1 out of every 167 pregnancies ends in stillbirth. For African American moms, that number is even more alarming – 1 in 94! Count the Kicks is committed to preventing stillbirths and eliminating disparities. In Iowa, where the campaign started, the stillbirth rate has dropped nearly 32% in ten years! If this success is replicated in all 50 states, more than 7,500 babies will be saved every year. We have developed a proven set of educational materials and resources, including a free app for expectant parents. We want to educate expectant parents on the importance of tracking fetal movement in the 3rd trimester and to understand their baby’s normal movement pattern. This way, if they notice a change, they feel empowered to contact their provider right away. By taking this 90-minute training, participants will learn about our evidence-based program and how to talk to expectant parents on the importance of tracking fetal movement. Participants will learn more about the cost of ignoring a stillbirth and why we are the only organization in the US that is facing this problem head on. Participants will learn about our free Count the Kicks app which has been downloaded in all 50 states and in over 140 countries. Please visit this website to register. Not only will you earn 1.5 CEs, but you will truly be impacting the lives of your expectant parents. Just use code savebabies-halfoff when you register to receive 50% off your fee! For additional questions, please contact Megan Aucutt at

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