Meet Debbie Young | A Note From The President

I am writing this two months early.  Maybe I’m premature!  No, Liz is tending to some needed things and asked me to step in for her.

We just returned from the ICEA Strategic Planning board meeting.  It was so great to meet everyone in person and receive so many hugs!  What an intelligent and thoughtful group. I am always so glad to have my mind expanded.  It is wonderful that others think differently than I do.  ICEA is expanded by many people with various thoughts.

I am looking forward to serving you as President for two years beginning in January.  Please share any ideas you have to strengthen our organization.

Ok, a little about me: wife for 46 years (yes, I married when I was 3 😉), mom of 5 grown kids, grandma to 2 ½ tiny ones.  Childbirth education teacher for 30+ years, a birth doula for almost 30 years, and a postpartum doula for 20 years.  I am also a CLC.  I love writing, hosting, and producing podcasts, being a subject matter expert for InJoy, and doing other things surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Are you catching the theme here? We may have a way for you to share your story soon.

The whole board and I want to thank our President, Elizabeth Kirts, for serving so faithfully these last many years.  She has taken ICEA in a great direction with the help of the board and our management company.  I hope to follow her and continue on that same road!

Oh, BTW, I look forward to seeing you at our next IN-PERSON conference in Oct 2024 in San Antonio, TX! Come on down for a great time learning and sharing with old friends and new!

We also look forward to seeing you on December 4th for ICEA’s Annual Meeting online.

Debbie Young
ICEA President-Elect

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