Keep On Serving | A Note From The President

Hello dear ICEA folks. I’m glad to connect again. Where I live, north of Denver, the grass is green, and the flowers are blooming. Planting after Mother’s Day is still a thing so many have put their gardens in this week. My husband is the green thumb of our family, but I enjoyed the lettuce he brought in to go with the steak that he and the kids barbequed last Sunday. I would say that gardening is one of his superpowers.

What do you consider one of your superpowers? For me, I always wanted to be like the Olympian gymnasts who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of greatness in their field. Gymnastics is not my specialty but having dedication and focus is really what I admire. I realized some years back that I have dedicated my time and effort to helping families become educated and have the best outcomes in birth and postpartum. So, I won’t be taking the mat, but I will continue to use my dedication and superpowers for the benefit of families I have the honor of serving.

I am looking forward to ICEA’s Circle of Care Conference in San Antonio on October 18 – 20 this year. We have a great line-up of speakers, and the town is going to be lovely that time of year. Will you be joining us? Bring a friend and make it an even better event. We will be having a wide range of topics that will enhance our roles as birth workers, no matter how you serve, including discussions on breastfeeding, epidurals, mental health, connecting to community partners, informed consent, and more.

My latest postpartum doula client has had a couple of hiccups in their coming home from the NICU. They were home for a while and then needed more medical assistance and are hoping to come back home soon. We sure need to be flexible as a doula. You never know what will be needed and how changes will affect the families you serve. Keep up your skills so you can be the best resource possible.

Can you see the Aurora Borealis from where you live? I haven’t been able to see it yet but maybe the clouds are clearing, and I can get a glimpse tonight. It feels so magical, but it is a weather phenomenon that happens given the right conditions. We can’t control the weather, but we can decide what to do to see the beautiful sight. Do you want to drive to a low-light area and bring a picnic to snack on to wait to view the Aurora? Will you view it through someone else’s pictures? Are the news and social media enough for you? There are no wrong answers here, just personal preference. Sort of like birth, right?

Keep on serving – you got this.

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