Journal Highlight | Implementing a Quiet Time Intervention in a Labor-Delivery-RecoveryPostpartum Unit

by Renece Waller-Wise, MSN, RNC-OB, CNS, CLC, CNL, LCCE, FACCE, and Brenda L. Maddox, MSN/Ed, RNC-OB, C-EFM, SANE-A

Abstract: The investigators conducted a study to determine if instituting an afternoon quiet time would improve patient satisfaction and breastfeeding success, promote rest, and improve infant parent bonding at a community hospital in the southeastern United States. During established follow-up phone calls to postpartum patients, the investigators posed a series of questions designed to identify patients’ experiences specific to the rest they receive, their breastfeeding experiences, and bonding opportunities, before and after instituting a 2-hour quiet time on the unit. Please view our journal to read the full article, and other articles in this quarter’s International Journal of Childbirth Education. You must be logged in to your account to view the Journal

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