A Note From The President | Growing and Giving Back

Many years ago, as a fairly new childbirth educator, I would see the nominations for the Board of Directors or go to conferences and view the Board.  I would think, “I wonder if that is something I could do?”  At that point in time my experience was the parent representative for the PSO of the Jewish Community Center Preschool.  Hardly a lot of experience, or so I thought.  I continued to be a part of parent/student organizations in children’s schools.  And branched out a little more through my joining committees and running conferences.  At some point, I had the confidence, and I filled out the nomination form to be the Director of Lactation. A few weeks later, I got a call from the wonderful Connie Bach, who said that she had my form, and regrettably, there was someone else who they were looking at for the Director of Lactation and would I consider the Director of Public Policy.  She let me know that Nancy Lantz, the President at the time, really wanted me to be on the Board and felt that would be a great position for me.  Yikes, that was not what I had in mind, but also, Connie patiently explained the position, and in reality, it matched my knowledge and skills very well.  So I agreed, completed my interviews, and was voted in as the Director of Public Policy.  I served four years in that role and then moved to the President-Elect position and now President.  I never would have imagined all those years ago that I could do this, and it didn’t happen overnight.  Little by little, I learned things, I volunteered, and I served.  And from that, I have grown and been given back so much more.  I formed friendships and have been a part of a wonderful organization.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. I will be off the board at the end of December as my term will be up, and per the Bylaws I am no longer eligible to serve.  We have other positions that will be opening up as well.  Information about those positions will be posted on our Social Media and in the newsletter.  I am hoping that in reading this, you think about what you might be able to do.  How might your skills, knowledge, and experiences be just the things that are needed for the ICEA Board of Directors?  I encourage you to apply.  Every year is different in terms of needs and applicants, so even if this isn’t your year, could it be next year?  A portion of the board expires every year.  A person is allowed to serve two consecutive terms in a specific role.  It is a two-year commitment, but most of us find that we enjoy it and feel passionate about what we are doing and continue on for more than those two years.

If you aren’t ready for a board role, we have committees.  These people help the Directors of an area fulfill the objectives to meet the goals of our annual strategic planning meeting.  Each and every member of our organization brings something to the table.  We are all and integral part of this organization.

We look forward to reading the nominations and learning more about all of our Certified Professionals. Below are the qualifications for the Board:

·         No person shall be selected or appointed a Director unless such a person is a professional certified by ICEA.  The office shall be considered vacant if that person’s certification lapses or for any reason is considered invalid.

·         No voting member of the Board shall serve in the same selected office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

·         A voting member of the Board shall serve on the Board no more than six (6) consecutive terms.

·         A term shall be defined as service of more than one (1) year during any two (2) year term.

·         No member of the Board of Directors shall receive financial remuneration from ICEA for service rendered to ICEA as a member of the Board.

·         The selection and appointment of Directors shall not be based on race, creed, sex, political affiliation or any other factors not related to interest in education for childbirth.

·         No person shall be selected to more than one (1) selective position at a time.


Again, I urge you to consider what you can offer. You won’t regret it.

Elizabeth Kirts


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