Journal Highlight | Effects of Infant Care Education on Problem Solving and Motherhood Experience: A Mixed-Methods Study

by Hatice Baskale, PhD RN, Pınar Serçekus Ak, PhD RN, and Tuba Karahan, Dr

Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the effects of infant care education on mothers’ problem-solving skills and motherhood experience. A mixed method study design was used. In the first phase, the experimental group received infant care education in the antenatal period (73 pregnant women). In the second phase, 12 women who had attended the antenatal education were interviewed in two focus groups. Problem solving and motherhood experience of the experimental group were found to be better than the control group. Education on improving infant care skills increased mothers’ problem-solving skills and parenting experience. Nurses are in a role to make sure that mothers are given individual counselling in line with their specific needs in the postpartum period. Please view our journal to read the full article and other articles in this quarter’s International Journal of Childbirth Education. You must be logged in to your account to view the Journal.

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