Earn Continuing Education Units From ICEA Position Papers

Once you have read one of ICEA’s Position Papers in it’s entirety, you may then take the related Post Test. You must read the entire Position Paper and pass the correlating Post Test in order to receive credit for your work. Successful completing of each Post Test is equal to 1 ICEA Continuing Education Unit. No partial credit will be granted. Each Post Test may be purchased for US$26 to receive a CEU. No refunds will be given. Once you complete this process, you will receive one of two types of communication:

  1. If you did not pass – You will receive notification that in order to earn the desired Continuing Education Unit you must read the ICEA Position Paper again, and then attempt to take the Post Test again.
    1. As long as you are attempting the same Position Paper and Post Test you will not be charged again.
    2. Regardless of the number of times you attempt to take the Post Test, you may earn a maximum of 1 ICEA CEU per Position Paper.
  2. If you did pass – You will receive an emailed Certificate of Completion showing you have earned 1 ICEA CEU.

It is solely YOUR responsibility to maintain a record of this Certificate of Completion, in order to use this learning experience as a CEU.

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