Donate Now to the Teaching Tools for Educators Initiative

You completed your studies, requirements and passed the exam. The hard part is over! Right?! For those in countries who are spearheading first-time ever programs, like in Botswana, each step along the way presents challenges to overcome. Teaching tools we often use, such as dolls, pelvic models, and effacement charts are not available for sale in these countries and getting them from the US is a very expensive prospect. “Teaching Tools for Educators” is a new initiative of the ICEA Scholarship program. The new “Teaching Tools” initiative will subsidize the cost of basic teaching tools for ICEA educators. Our initial goal is to assist ten students by raising $4,000. Can you help? If every person reading this donated just $5, we could easily reach our goal. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your kind consideration, for your work in the world, and for contributing toward our vision of safe and equitable birth for all families.

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