Chen Guangzhan is China’s First ICEA Approved Trainer (IAT)

by Tamela Hatcher, IAT, ICCE, ICBD, LCCE, M.Ed., BSE

From the first time I saw Chen Guangzhan teach in 2016, I knew that she had raw and rare talent. She was truly a gem. I vividly recall talking with my husband after that very first meeting and telling him I could see her as the first ICEA Approved Trainer (IAT) in China. Since 2016, we have moved from being colleagues to friends. I am in awe of her ability to connect with people. I have worked with her, observed her, and traveled with her for years now. Her expertise and personal experience with postpartum adjustments, issues, and fatherhood are profound. I feel honored and blessed to have been there the day before her son was born. She had prepared diligently for the birth of her second child. She was so excited and so committed to an uninterrupted birth. The cards did not fall in place for this to happen, however. I watched her spiral and return from this experience. I knew that everything in this world has a purpose. Her unexpected outcome would lead her in a new direction of connecting and helping people that have also experienced unexpected outcomes. Each time I go to China, we connect during the ICEA workshops. I literally turned the floor over to her as she educated and connected with people in the postpartum adjustment segment. She does an outstanding job with all classes but she is especially skilled in this area. The men and women of China are fortunate to have her leading the way. Yes, I said men. This is her second area of expertise. She has done a wonderful job of pulling men into the realm of childbirth education. I found it very interesting that men being present for birth is a relatively new concept in China for many families. Chen begins from the classroom setting and moves to the birth room by making sure fathers know the impact that they will have on their family. It is with great honor and privilege that I have been able to play a small part in mentoring my friend and colleague, Chen, who has met all of the requirements to become the first IAT in China. Because of her dedication, families will benefit through improved birth outcomes. Additionally, she is committed to improving birth outcomes globally as the co-founder of YANMA Parenting Academy. I can’t imagine a better leader.

Chen Guangzhan


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