Journal Highlight | Challenges of Motherhood with Physical Disabilities

by Maria A. Revell, PhD MSN RN COI, Kris Camelio, MS CSCS SPT, Sherin F. Tahmasbi, DNP MSN FNP-C, and Marcia A. Pugh, DNP MSN MBA HCM RN

Abstract: Care providers must be proactive in identifying and promoting support for all mothers, especially those with physical disabilities. Parents with disabilities use a variety of opportunities to promote child welfare through alternate forms of care. Mothers with disabilities must overcome stereotypes, discrimination, and the fear of having their children removed from their care, which may be intensified for women of color as African Americans have a higher disability rate than other racial groups. Care providers must be knowledgeable regarding resources for mothers with disabilities. Promoting the use of collaborative interventions through involvement of appropriate agencies can widen the base of support for mothers with disabilities. Please view our journal to read the full article and other articles in this quarter’s International Journal of Childbirth Education. You must be logged in to your account to view the Journal.

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