Announcement Regarding the International Journal of Childbirth Education

In the most recent edition of the International Journal of Childbirth Education, Debra Rose, our editor, mentioned that this is the final issue of the Journal. The Board of Directors would like to provide some background and additional information in regards to this statement. The Journal has been an integral part of ICEA for many years. It has been an excellent resource for certified professionals and the health community. With that in mind, we have been hearing for some time that most of our certified professionals are currently accessing evidence-based information from other sources. Because it is expensive to produce a Journal, and its production is taking away resources from other areas serving our certified professionals, we have made the decision to end publication of the Journal. However, this does not mean our commitment to providing evidence-based information has ended. The Board is researching all ways that evidence-based information is provided and accessed. We will determine what method is the best use of our resources as we move forward. If you have any questions about this decision, please email
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