A Note from the ICEA President | Birth is Truly a Miracle

by Elizabeth Kirts, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC

As a board we are working hard on two big projects. First is the conference the end of October. We made the decision based on the survey that went out the beginning of the year to keep it (mostly) for another year. Hopefully that will change for the next conference. The Board will be running the conference together in person. I have been on the board for a long time now, and this is the first time that I have only met one of the other members in person. We feel like we know each other really well, and yet we miss out on a lot meeting only virtually. The same goes for conference. In person conferences allow time for people to meet and connect in ways that just don’t happen virtually. Virtual events are less expensive and sometimes more convenient. There are benefits and drawbacks of either format. We made our best decision based on COVID numbers and trends. We hope that you will join us for some great education, sessions for fun and connection, and the annual meeting. Watch for registration which will open very soon. The other big project is our website redesign. We will be releasing this in the fall around the time of the conference. We hope that you will love the changes which will incorporate feedback we have heard from many of you. We continue to work on the Strategic Plan that we implemented just one year ago. We have accomplished a lot over this past year and will be presenting this at annual meeting in October. In order to accomplish everything we need to have help. Consider joining a committee so that your voice is heard and your contributions will help move ICEA forward to be even better. Last week, I was on the postpartum unit doing my audits. One of those administrative tasks that are tedious and not my favorite thing. That whole day had been one where I was running from meeting to meeting and not doing what I love; teaching, lactation, mentoring employees, etc. I had a short moment to run to the cafeteria to get some lunch. As I was waiting for the elevator, an obviously new dad was standing there talking to someone who I believe was his mother. I heard him say, “it was the coolest thing to watch him just pop out. He was inside and then born. Just like that I became a dad.” I smiled to myself and was reminded how amazing that moment of birth really is- each and every time. As many of you, I have seen a lot of babies born, and yet that moment always seems surreal and awe inspiring. Birth is truly a miracle. Similarly, I was doing interviews for an open lactation position and one of the questions we used was, “Why do you like working in this profession?” The three top candidates all did the same thing, they paused, took a deep breath, and then got a look of awe on their face before answering the question. It wasn’t the words, but passion that was evident in the pause that set them apart. I’ve said it before and will keep saying it, we are so very lucky to be doing what we are doing. We have so many opportunities to impact families. And we may never know how our help, guidance, teaching, or compassion will help a family. Keep doing what you are doing! 

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