Weaving Medical History into Your Childbirth Class


Fact: Our brains are wired to respond to stories.

Fact: It is easier for people to retain facts if they are imbedded in a story, and what better stories to imbed in childbirth class then the wild and crazy historical context of why we do what we do in our hospital and birth settings…and why some of these policies and practices vary so wildly across birth settings…and why they are changing.

The result of knowing the history of common medical procedures and recommendations (the why) make for bold parents who aren’t afraid to ask questions and feel empowered to self-advocate. Knowing our global and regional medical history also helps us to appreciate how far we’ve come as a society, and highlights areas of growth still needing to be done.

Objectives: The objective of this class is to provide practical examples of how to weave historical information into a childbirth class quickly, easily, and in a fun and memorable way.

One (1) ICEA Contact Hour



About the Speaker

Amy Nevland ICCE, TLCD, CLC

Amy has successfully helped grow 2 large and thriving birth and postpartum doula collectives over the last 12 years. She has also taught childbirth classes for at least that long, both independently and for one of the major hospital systems here in Austin. Amy has also been on the ICEA board for about two years now. She got her degree in Education from UT at Austin in the year 2000. She lives her best Texas life surrounded by 3 children and a husband and a dog and a 3-legged cat, and a loving childbirth teacher and doula community, all of whom she loves very much.

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