The Success and Benefits of a Partner Preparation Class for More Comprehensive Childbirth Education

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As educators, we may decide to venture into testing new parent education topics. Some new classes never take off, and others become surprisingly successful and popular. One of these surprises for us was our Partner Preparation class, titled “Partner Prep: The Manual for Labor and Birth Support”. This class has illuminated a need to provide education for modern day partners. As an educator, it’s been refreshing and inspiring to see so many curious, hopeful, and helpful partners decide to learn more about providing great support through the pregnancy and birth journey. In this session, we will discuss the process of creating the class and the surprising revisions that needed to be made. We will discuss in more detail the class content and the benefits gained by both the class participants and the instructor.

Objectives: To increase awareness of the importance of including and educating partners in the experience of pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery and parenting for better physical and mental health outcomes and for the future success of the family.
There is evidence that having positive support from partners can improve:
-birth outcomes
-maternal mental health
-overall family relationships
Also this presentation aims to share ideas for educators to create their own classes in their communities.

One (1) ICEA Contact Hour


Ali Weatherford Headshot

About the Speaker

Ali Weatherford, ICCE

I am a wife, a Mama to two big kids, and I am a childbirth educator certified by the ICEA. I have a degree in Psychology and a passion for all things mental health, especially related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am also the manager of Parent Education at Breastfeeding Success Company. I love to learn about birth, talk about birth, read about birth, teach about birth. I had two empowering birthing experiences which I am especially grateful for. I am grateful because I understand that not all people walk away from their births with this feeling. My goal in teaching is to help people and their partners become empowered to create the birth experience they want while also learning to find acceptance of circumstances outside of their control. I want everyone to be able to find beauty in their birth stories.

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