The Mental Health Impact of Preeclampsia

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Description: Preeclampsia occurs in approximately 1 in every 12 pregnancy and can turn a woman’s expected pregnancy to a life-threatening situation that can feel outside her control. Learn how to recognize the signs of postpartum anxiety, depression, and PTSD in patients with a traumatic pregnancy and how to connect patients more quickly to support resources to process their experiences.

1. To understand the link between maternal health complications like preeclampsia and the impact to maternal mental health.
2. To learn the signs of postpartum anxiety and postpartum PTSD and how to screen for them among high-risk postpartum patients.
3. To connect providers and patients to support resources for postpartum wellbeing.

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About the Speaker

Laney Poye, MA

Laney Poye serves as the Director of Communications and Engagement for the Preeclampsia Foundation, overseeing the Foundation's robust digital and traditional communications process. Her primary responsibilities include leading the Foundation's communication department for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Foundation's annual communications plan. She supports all aspects of the Foundation's programatic, executive and development teams, ensuring that the three pillars of its mission (Community, Research, and Health Care Improvements) remain at the heart of the Foundation's work. Laney enjoys overseeing the development of scientifically accurate and accessible educational content in English and in Spanish for as the Foundation's webmaster. Laney earned her bachelor's and master's degrees, magna cum laude, from Florida State University in International Affairs, where she specialized in women's health issues in low-resource settings. She is a member of MENSA, the National Public Health Information Coalition, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She also serves as a representative voice for women who have experienced infertility and pregnancy and infant loss.

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