Talking Doesn’t Teach: An Evidenced-Based Teaching Model

Tamela J. Hatcher

Are you just starting out in your career in birthing education and looking for fun ideas to incorporate into your class or do you need to add some student driven activities to your current class? This webinar session will give you the opportunity to learn and model innovative teaching practices. Evidenced-based educational research has proven that personalized and one to one student/teacher ratio greatly improves learning. The real challenge is finding innovative ways to do this within our financial constraints. This approach allows the instructor more time to assist students in the class when removed from the lecture based teaching structure.

Each participant will have the opportunity to download 3 student-driven teaching activities at the conclusion of the webinar.

One (1) ICEA Contact Hour, One (1) R-CERP


Tamela J. Hatcher

About the Speaker

Tamela J. Hatcher, MEd

Tamela J. Hatcher - has been a Childbirth Education Coordinator since 1991 and recently retired to pursue her love of teaching and traveling. She has taught more than 3,610 couples in childbirth education since 1991. Plus, Tamela has conducted ICEA workshops in China and the USA to help more than 500 individuals start their career as Professional Childbirth Educators and/or Birth Doulas.

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