Helping Your Clients Understand The Role Of Their Pelvic Floor In Birth

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This 50-60 minute lecture will focus on helping clients train their pelvic floors for birth. This will include pelvic floor anatomy, the role of the pelvic floor in birth, and pelvic floor relaxation techniques. Additionally, we will discuss signs and symptoms a client may need a pelvic floor PT referral prenatally and some exercises and/or techniques people can use with their clients.

-Improve the listeners understanding of pelvic floor, abdominal & pelvic canister anatomy and function.
-Describe the impact of pregnancy, birth and postpartum on the pelvic canister.
-Detail the role of the pelvic floor in a vaginal birth.
-Educate the listener on techniques and exercises to perform with their clients to help prepare their pelvic floor for birth.
-Detail signs and symptoms a client may need a referral to pelvic floor PT.

One (1) ICEA Contact Hour


Rebecca Maidansky Headshot

About the Speaker

Dr. Rebecca Maidansky

Rebecca is a pelvic floor physical therapist and the owner of Lady Bird Physical Therapy, a clinic in Austin, TX that specializes in helping people manage pregnancy pains, prepare for birth and recover postpartum.

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