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The ICEA Scholarship Program

ICEA has been proud to present our scholarship program since the Spring of 2020, our scholarships cover fees associated with our certification programs. We have had hundreds of applicants and have been fortunate enough to be able to continue this program of giving.

Twice a year, the application process will open for one month. Return to this page during these times if you wish to apply.

See the full description of the process below.

Spring Applications: April 1 - April 30
Fall Applications: Sept 1 - Sept 30

The ICEA scholarship committee, headed by the ICEA treasurer, oversees the award process. Send any questions to

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ICEA Scholarship Process

  • ICEA scholarships are awarded twice a year.
  • Scholarship application and award schedule:
    • Submission #1: April 1 - April 30, Awards Announced in June
    • Submission #2: Sept 1 - Sept 30, Awards Announced in November
  • Scholarship applicants will be assessed using a rubric that has been approved by the ICEA Board.
  • The number of scholarships awarded each time will be based on funds available along with the number of completed applications.
  • Scholarship applicants must complete the entire application including references. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • The current application forms are in English. Applications can be submitted in the applicant’s primary language, with the understanding that the ICEA Scholarship Committee may need to enlist outside services to help with the evaluation.
  • The scholarship committee has the authority to ask for clarification to any parts of the application.
  • The scholarship recipient will not receive a cash award. The awards are given as a waiver of fees for parts of the ICEA certification programs (enrollment, exams, conferences, and other fees).
  • The scholarships granted from ICEA do have monetary value but the recipient need not declare on tax US returns (as one might do with other income or “winning” money in a contest/lottery) since it will not be filed as such at ICEA. Essentially, no tax forms will be distributed.
  • An ICEA certified professional (or someone certifying) will only be considered eligible for a scholarship every two years. In other words, if someone is awarded a scholarship, they will need to wait two (2) years to apply for any new scholarship.
  • Once a scholarship is awarded, it cannot be revoked. That said, as an example, a scholarship award for one part of a certification does not preclude the applicant from paying for the remaining fees for that ICEA certification.

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Previous Scholarship Recipients

For lists of other years winners, email

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