ICEA’s certification pricing structure is a reflection of our goal to improve birth outcomes for all families in the international community. All prices are based on the World Bank data for Gross National Income (GNI). The dollar is worth different amounts in different countries, so ICEA prices are equitable depending on the location of the member. Find your country’s category here.

ICEA Certification Pricing and Fee Schedule

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    Complete a Workshop

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  • Step 3

    Take an Exam

ICEA collects fees for program enrollment, workshop attendance, and exam.

Program enrollment will give you access to all of the study materials, exam preparation guides, and ICEA Benefits for the 2 years you are obtaining your certification. Program enrollment fees are adjusted on an equity pricing scale, and can be found below.

ICEA Certifying Workshop attendance is a requirement of obtaining your certification through the Traditional Pathway, and can be used to obtain your required Contact Hours for recertification. Workshops can be attended in-person or online. In-person workshop pricing is determined by the instructor. Online workshop pricing can be found below.

Once all certification requirements have been met, an ICEA Certifying Exam is required. An exam fee is collected at the time of application, pricing details can be found below.

In short, ICEA’s fee structure looks like this:
Enrollment & Workshop$230 Enrollment
$450-650 Workshop
$750 Enrollment
Access to Online Workshop***

*** Please note: Online workshop can be purchased individually to fulfill continuing education requirements. Pricing details can be found in the “Workshop Pricing” section below.

Certification Enrollment Pricing

Country CategoryICEA Enrollment Fee (USD) Discounted ICEA Enrollment Fee (USD)

Available for candidates who hold multiple ICEA certifications

Category A$230$218
Category B$63$60
Category C$34$32
Category D$25$24

ICEA Certifying Workshop Pricing

ICEA now offers online learning options!

For information on the Childbirth Educator Online Workshop, click here.

For information on the Birth Doula Online Workshop, click here.

Pricing for online workshops is $520. Access to online workshops can be purchased at the same time as enrollment for a total enrollment sum of $750 (an exam fee will be assessed following the completion of the online workshop, details on exam pricing can be found below).

In-person workshops are available around the world

To find a workshop near you, click here.

Pricing for in-person workshops varies and is determined by the instructor. For pricing information, please reach out to the instructor.

ICEA Certifying Exam Pricing

Country CategoryICEA Certification Exam Fee (USD)Discounted ICEA Certification Exam Fee (USD)

Available for candidates who hold multiple ICEA certifications

Category A$390$370
Category B$113$107
Category C$64$61
Category D$47$45

Recertification Pricing

Country CategoryICEA Recertification (USD) Discounted ICEA Recertification Fee (USD)

Available for candidates who hold multiple ICEA certifications

Category A$230$218
Category B$63$60
Category C$34$32
Category D$25$24

Additional Fees

Extension Fee – $75 (USD)

An ICEA member may apply for a single 6-month extension of the recertification deadline in order to complete the requirements. The application for an extension and $75 extension fee must be received before the recertification application deadline and the certification expiration date.

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.

Expiration/Reinstatement Fee – $115 (USD)

If a certification has expired up to 12 months past their recertification date, the individual will be required to:

  • update their contact hours to meet the requirement of 24 contact hours in 3 years
  • pay a $115 (USD) late fee
  • pay their regular recertification fee

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.

Inactive Fee – $75 (USD)

If an ICEA member needs to go inactive, at the time of renewal they will be required to:

  • Pay an inactive fee
  • Continue to maintain the requirement of 24 contact hours every 3 years.
  • NOT teach Childbirth Classes or act in the role of a Birth Doula/Postpartum Doula.
  • NOT use their credentials for Childbirth Education, Birth Doula or Postpartum Doula.
  • This inactive status is for a period of three years. At the end of three years the member needs to either become active or forfeit their certification.

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.

Exam Retake – $200 (USD)

Equity Pricing available, call office for pricing

In the event a candidate fails the exam, subsequent exams will be charged a fee based on geographic location (equity pricing). ICEA will send the candidate a new examination application via email to retake the test. These candidates will have up to one year in which to pass the examination. An ICEA Certification Candidate may retake the exam as many times as necessary within one year of the first fail date, providing each subsequent retake exam is paid for and repeat guidelines are followed. Examinations ruled invalid will be treated as failed examinations and the candidate will have one year to retake the examination per guidelines. 

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.

Online Workshop Access Extension – $100 (USD)

Online workshop participants are given 260 days to access and complete the workshop. If more time is needed, a $100 fee will extend access for an additional 260 days.

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.

Advocate Membership – $95 (USD)

Interested in receiving access to ICEA Benefits without obtaining a certification? Become an ICEA Advocate Member and receive 12 full months of ICEA Benefits for $95 (USD).

For more information, visit our Certification FAQs.