Breastfeeding Information on the Internet

Many, probably most new mothers are looking for information and answers to their concerns on the internet. The internet is often the first source they turn to when wondering how often a baby nurses or what the red lump in their breast could be. But are the answers they find correct? Is the information going to be helpful or could it be incorrect or even possibly cause harm? I decided to do some investigating, looking into some frequently used sources of breastfeeding support on the internet. I was saddened to find so much “misguided” or downright incorrect information.

Free Contact Hour Opportunity | The Science of Human Milk

Check out this free webinar offering on breastfeeding taking place 12 – 19th September, 2022. This is good for one contact hour for ICEA.

A Note from the ICEA President | The Birth of a Future

As I am writing this, our Virtual Conference, Surviving to Thriving is a mere 45 days and 6 minutes away.  I hope you are registered.  As we made decisions on the conference, we really thought about what the world has been through since early 2020.  My motto through all of this has been “who knew?”  Who knew it would last so long?  Who knew my whole life would be upturned and rebuilt? 

Why Perinatal Oral Health is Important

Providing pregnant women with counseling to promote healthy oral health behaviors may reduce the transmission of bacteria from mothers to infants and young children, thereby delaying or preventing the onset of caries.

2022 Scholarship Round 2 Application Period Open

Our certification programs provide you with the information and skills you need to make a difference in the lives of pregnant women and their families. Those who are in financial need are encouraged to turn your passion into a career by applying for a scholarship.