Five Reasons Why You Should Use a TENS Unit During Labor

Using a TENS unit during labor offers a drug free option to pain relief. The word TENS is short for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation which involves the use of low current electrical currents to treat pain.

Open Doors

It may take time to see the fruits of your labor, but when you do, it makes the work worth the effort. Look around. Do you see any open doors?

A Note From the ICEA President | Hope, Love, and Healing

In our profession we are in a place of hope, love, and healing. When we remember that our career is really a calling, we receive so much from those we serve.

Make Real Change: Submit Your Nomination for the ICEA Board of Directors

Being on the ICEA Board is more than just a title or a seat to keep warm. This is a place you can make real change! Leave your mark on the profession you love.

Letter of Support for Doulas

In the summer of 2021 the Board of Directors came together for our yearly Strategic Planning meeting. One of the Goals we set was a Letter of Support for Doulas… “Promote the ICEA Certified Professional as an integral component of the allied healthcare team.”