A Note From the President | Words Are Important

Words are important. They frame concepts and shape our ideas. How we think is often influenced by the words we use. With that in mind I would like to consider two overlapping concepts often used in healthcare.

Journal Highlight | Challenges of Motherhood with Physical Disabilities

Care providers must be proactive in identifying and promoting support for all mothers, especially those with physical disabilities. Parents with disabilities use a variety of opportunities to promote child welfare through alternate forms of care.

Journal Highlight | The Global Impact of Intellectual Disability and Other Mental Disorders in Children

Intellectual disabilities and other mental disorders in children are serious health problems and occur in all countries. They result in profound challenges for learning and adaptive behavior and generally require professional services and treatment.

Register for an ICEA Workshop in June 2019

Our talented IATs have a full schedule planned for June 2019, and we hope you can join them.

Journal Highlight | Effects of Infant Care Education on Problem Solving and Motherhood Experience: A Mixed-Methods Study

The aim of this study was to examine the effects of infant care education on mothers’ problem-solving skills and motherhood experience. A mixed method study design was used.

A Note From the President | Advocating For Change

All around the world change is needed in maternal-child health.  In some places great strides have been made in improving outcomes, but much work remains to be done. How do we as birth workers facilitate change?

April 2019 International Journal of Childbirth Education Now Available

We, as health care professionals, serve the needs of the child-bearing family regardless of income, race, beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability.

ICEA Signed the USBC’s Letter to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and the Respective Subcommittees on Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Urging a Funding Increase From $8 Million to $13 Million to CDC Hospital & Continuity of Care Breastfeeding Support in Fiscal Year 2020

Preventive health care measures are a proven and effective strategy for improving health outcomes while also reducing health care costs. Breastfeeding is routinely identified as one of the most effective means for preventing disease.