Register for an ICEA Workshop in October 2019

Our talented IATs have a full schedule planned for October 2019 and we hope you can join them.

A Note From the ICEA President | Collaboration and Networking: Accomplishing Goal #4

Our fourth goal states that ICEA will “Promote evidence-based options in maternal child health through collaboration and networking.” In the past several months, we have been building relationships with other organizations so that we can offer additional benefits to our certified professionals.

A Note From the ICEA President | Is Certification Necessary?

I have seen many opinions lately on the certification of birth workers. Some understand the reasons certification is required and others rebel against the notion. So why certify?

Journal Highlight | Congenital Talipes Equinovarus: Nursing Role for Parents and Family Members

This article discusses the current knowledge regarding congenital clubfoot, including basic pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and the nurse’s role regarding care for parents.

New Partnership With Lactation Education Resources

ICEA in partnership with Lactation Education Resources (LER) value evidence based information on breastfeeding and lactation. When you take a course from LER and use the code ICEA2019, 10% of your cost will be credited to ICEA.

A Note From the President | Communication Reduces the Rate of Cesarean Birth

Just last week, The New York Times published a commentary by Allison Yarrow entitled “One Hospital’s Plan to Reduce C-sections: Communicate.” The article describes the role communication plays in reducing the cesarean birth rate. Let’s talk about this concept of communication.

Register for an ICEA Workshop in July 2019

Our talented IATs have a full schedule planned for July 2019, and we hope you can join them.

Announcement Regarding the International Journal of Childbirth Education

The Journal has been an integral part of ICEA for many years. It has been an excellent resource for certified professionals and the health community. With that in mind, we have been hearing for some time that most of our certified professionals are currently accessing evidence-based information from other sources.